Makita 9,6V

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Manufacturer: Akku Power
Catalog number:P515
Availability:Within a week
Guarantee:24 Months
Amount:1 pcs
46.25 € (1 271 Kč)
Including bonuses and 21 % VAT
38.22 € without VAT
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P515 Made in the Czech Republic, Bech AKKU POWER BATERIE s.r.o

P516 Made in the Czech Republic, Bech AKKU POWER BATERIE s.r.o

Suitable for Makita cordless tools:
- Cordless Screwdriver: 6891DW, 6503DWD
- Cordless Angle Drill: DA390DW, DA391DW
- Cordless Die Grinder: 903DW
- Cordless Drill: 6012HDW, 6092DW, 6093DW, 6094DW, 6095DW, 6096DWE
- Battery Foxtail: 4390DW
- Battery tiles and glass cutter: 4190DW.
- Cordless Impact Wrench: 6900DW
- Cordless lamp: ML900, ML902
- Cordless Ratchet: 6912DW
- Battery Sense: UM1691D, UM1690DW
- Cordless Impact Drill: 8400DW
- Battery Sucker: 4093D
- Cordless jigsaw: 4300DW
- Battery diamond cutters: 4190DW


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